I'm the April's Army shop of the day!

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Yay! I'm so excited! I was chosen to be featured as the shop of the day for April's Army! Do you know what that means? (Aside from excessive over-use of exclamation marks?) COUPON CODE! "APRILSARMY" gets you 10% off.

Now, a little about the team.

April's Army grew from the internet sensation Regretsy. I can't remember when or where or why, but it did. Actually, I think it started when readers started creating protest treasuries in order to call out re-sellers, but that's not important.

I know that Regretsy takes a lot of flack for being horrible and hurtful and all manner of negative adverbs and adjectives, but Regretsy does do a lot of good. It's actually really great exposure for people who get featured. It's become so huge that almost 90,000 people read it daily. Even if just a small fraction of those people click to visit the shop, that's still a significant number.

On top of that, April and her army of minions do some amazing charity work for the Etsy community. Every month, they feature a seller in need sell member donated items in their charity shop. All the money raised goes to that person.

If you're looking for an extremely active team of wonderful people, look no further than April's Army. The mini-community is fantastic and everyone helps each other out.


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