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Crocheted Cuttlefish Amigurumi Pattern by CC

This week, I'm talking to the super-crocheter CC. She sells crochet patterns for amigurumis on her Etsy. If you've ever wondered how those cute little critters go from being jumbles of yarn to an intricate pattern, read what this crafty Etsian has to say.

What is your specialty and medium of choice?
I love yarn, of course! I specialize in crocheting amigurumi, especially sea creatures! If it is a marine invertebrate, I have either designed a pattern for it or have it on my list! I also do some embroidery and mosaics for fun.

How did you get started with your craft? Was it difficult to learn?
I have been interested in crafts for a while, so two summers ago I went with my mom to a local craft fair and saw that crochet classes were being advertised. I signed up for one and it was love at first stitch. I jumped almost immediately into designing my own patterns, and after a year of accumulating notes in various journals, decided to open up an Etsy store to sell my designs. It has been a hectic, crazy, fantastic time since then.

Tell me a little about your creative process. What inspires you?
I have ideas constantly hitting me. I'll see a picture of some cool animal and immediately start drafting up sketches. Of course, my life is pretty busy, so I can't do it all at once! I keep a giant word document with a list of ideas for projects and notes. When I decided to make a new pattern, I start by looking at lots of pictures for amigurumi and sketching various cartoony versions. When I hit upon a design I like, I set about breaking it into component parts ("Ooh, I could use a bunch of increases to achieve that effect!"). Next I actually start to crochet my first demo! That always takes a while, since I write down every step. Once I have that pattern, I crochet another amigurumi to test and tweak it, then I polish up the pattern and send it out to my pattern testers. After I make any last-minute changes that they suggest, I put the pattern in my shop!

Approximately how long does it take to finish a new piece?
Although it takes me under 8 hours for a single amigurumi, the whole pattern process can take about a month. This year I am releasing one new pattern every month, which means that I have been working nonstop! My next release is scheduled for the 28th of March. (Check it out!)
Amigurumi  Shark Crochet Pattern
What is your favorite piece so far? Can you tell me a little about why it is special?
That is a tough choice! My two favorite patterns are probably the large cuttlefish (top of page) and the fat shark (side).
I love the cuttlefish because they are some of my absolute favorite animals, and I feel this pattern is indicative of my style - a semi-realistic, very cute rendition of a marine invertebrate. As for the fat shark, I just find it a very cartoony and cute pattern, and it took a long time for me to get the pattern just as I wanted it - I'm proud of my hard work.

Do you have any advice or tips for fellow crafters?
If you crochet, always take your work with you! I have a very busy schedule, and it is amazing how much work you can get done in tiny increments. Most people I know often ask how I find the time to make things - I just pack in the minutes! Is the bus three minutes late? Crochet three rows! Waiting for the pasta water to boil? Crochet another three! You'll have the finished piece in your hands before you know it.

I also encourage people to develop a community. Deviantart, Tumblr, Ravelry... these are great resources for crocheters! Deviantart and Tumblr can be valuable no matter what craft you practice.


Thank you so very much, CC! Your dedication to such a time-intensive craft is inspiring. It was lovely getting to know more about the crochet craft and amigurumis! Be sure to check out her ETSY, DEVIANTART, and TUMBLR!
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